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Business Interruption Services

A Comprehensive Approach

Roper Valuation supports companies and commercial insurance brokers in providing a unique and independent resource with the ability to combine an understanding of insurance coverage and finance to create truly effective business interruption coverage.

Business Interruption Services: Service

Desktop BI Reviews

High Level Reviews

Desktop Reviews provide a high level analysis of a client’s operations, financials and applicable policy wordings with the intention of establishing a more accurate Business Interruption (BI) value. Our review is intended to identify critical coverage areas and exposures that need to be addressed without engaging in a full BI review. We offer a far better result than simply completing the traditional BI worksheets!

Visit to learn more about our Desktop BI Reviews that are specialized for the hospitality industry. 

Business Interruption Valuation & Coverage Review

A Comprehensive Approach

Detailed reviews provide a more indepth analysis of a client’s operations to determine their business interuption limits in line with potential insurance policy wordings available. We work with you to develop a full understanding of the operations to ensure that limits are adequate and necessary coverages are incorporated.

Our reviews consider:

  • Operational and financial analysis including continuing and non-continuing costs

  • Analysis of suitable indemnity periods

  • Analysis and incorporation of payroll costs

  • Review of ancillary coverages such as Extra Expense, Contingent Business Interruption and Cyber cover

Exposure & Loss Scenario Analysis

Expert Guidance

Determining BI limits inline with policy terms is one thing. Understanding the true exposure is the next step. Roper Valuation supports brokers and their clients through loss scenario analysis to ensure they have appropriately identified the major risk areas and have analyzed the impact to their operations. Our reviews expand upon the BI valuation and coverage review to include: 

  • Identification of major loss scenarios and determination of impact to operations

  • Cost behavior analysis

  • Review of inter dependencies between locations 

  • Review of possible mitigation efforts

Business Interruption Services: Service

Don't be a Statistic

The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) identified that 40% of all business interruption declarations are too low by about 45%

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